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  • Denzil Foster
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Alexander Oneal - Midnight Run lyrics

Midnight run, just tor fun positively entertaining

I'm just a man all alone you're just a woman

But your house Is not a home

Your husband's left you and gone oh so long ago

Now you can't seem to find,

Find the time

The time to get together

You work hard, so do I and when all is said and done

You need a midnight run just for fun positively entertaining


I know your commitment Is strong

You want your children to know right from wrong

You're a good mother that's true but you can't forget that you're a woman tooAlexander Oneal - Midnight Run -

All the work has been done

It's time for you and me girl

Put on that dress you know the one

'Cause it's our time to sneak out for a midnight run

Just for fun positively entertaining

(Repeat 3 times)

Take the time, wine and dine

You know exactly what I'm thinking of

Leave all your cares far behind

Because the night time is the right time for a

Midnight run, just for fun positively entertaining

(Repeat 5 times)

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