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BeBe & CeCe Winans - Depend On You lyrics

I never thought that I could ever need someone
(The way that I have come to need You)
Never dreamed I'd love someone
(The way I've fallen in love with You.) Fallen in Love.
You're the reason why I live and tht's not all.
There's plenty other reasons.
But most of all, I'm
I can depend on,(And You know You'll be there)
I can depend on You.
I can depend, casue You will be there. I can depend on You.BeBe & CeCe Winans - Depend On You -

He means the world to me. And soon you will agree.
The love I've found was worth waiting for.
In viting you to come with me.
Only on a ride your heart can afford.
'Cause I fell in love and that's not all.
I'll be in love, love forever
Bt most of all I'm...
Grateful I can depend.
I can depend ( Depend on You)
I can depend...

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