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Kirk Franklin - Always lyrics

Verse 1:You know I've had some lonely days
I've made mistakes and had to pay
I've had some friends that walked away
Just like mama told me
But there's someone who's love is real
Who cares about the way I feel (I know you feel)
Every pain that erased every stain
there's peace when I call out your name

Chorus 1:Jesus your my everything
the cross you did that just for me
so whatever you take me through
I promise you
I'll spend my always with you

Kirk Franklin (talking)
Can you lift your hands and help me worship
our father he's not dead he's arisen listen

verse 2: No one can touch my heart like you
or make me smile the way you do
I finally found someone who
Who really truly loves me
But when my strength has come and gone
Your life in me it makes me strong
Your hand is where my heart belongs
You took all my pain
and erased every stain

Chorus 1:

Chorus 2: Jesus my whole life has changed
since that day I cried your name
For everytime you brought me through
I promise you
I'll spend my always with you.

Kirk Franklin(talking)
Did he say he'll never leave you
did he say he'll never forsake you
how many of you believe it let me
hear you in here

oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh

Kirk Franklin(talking)(while singin)
He wont let you down right
he'll catch every tearKirk Franklin - Always -
so if you know him to be your father
and he cares for you
come on and stand on your feet
and help me praise him in here

(while talking)
oh oh oh oh

Kirk Franklin (while talking
come on say
oh come on and worship with me say
so whatever
come on
ill make this promise
that i will spend
my whole life jesus
when did it happen
that day i got on my knees
so for every time
o come on huston i promise
come on and help me worship
can i get some worshipers in here x2
do you love him huston
do you love him
come on and worship him
it changed when i got down on my knees father
is he worthy?x2
i make this promise

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
ill spend my always spend my always with you

Chorus 1
ill spend my always spend my always with you

Chorus 2

kirk Franklin
i love u jesus
i love ya let me hear u say spend

spend my always with you

kirk Franklin
do you love him in her edo you love him

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