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  • Kelly Jones
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  • Stuart Cable
  • canton jones
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Canton Jones - My Day lyrics

Today is gonna be a good day [x8]

For some reason
I woke up on the right side of the bed
And YOU were the first thing in my head
I can't complain but I praise YOU instead
Cause it's my day

It's my season and I will start with my own attitude
I'll express my love and gratitude
Cause my attitude will change my lattitude
Things will go my way

Cause it' my day
Today is gonna be a good day [x8]

I'll let go what's happen in my past
And the time that I had somehow finished last
I'll ball it up and throw it in the trash
Cause it's my day

I'm smiling
Cause I know that today is the day
I'm happy now because of yesterday
But I'm happy cause I'm starting with today
Things will go my way

[Chorus:]Canton Jones - My Day -
Cause it's my day
Today is gonna be a good day [x8]

I'm tired of getting up in the morning with the same old rutt and same old cutt
Buggin me
The doctor keep druggin me and I'm sluggish and I can't get out of bed
But instead I'm a look to light man
Start livin my life man
I will do right man
Fly like a kite man
I was doing wrong to long and I'm sick and tired of singing sad songs
I'm a kick them bad songs (?)

I will not wait on anythings to happen
I will make it happen
I will take some action now

Await on another day
God said make your way
I will take today

Today is gonna be a good day [x8]

This is the day that the Lord has made it's gonna be a good day
An I will rejoice and be glad and it is gonna be a great day

For this is the day that the has Lord made it's gonna be a good day
And I will rejoice
Because it's my day

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