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Canton Jones - Top Model lyrics

Top model (6 times) she maybe my lady she the top model (3 times) every
queen needs a king so I love you baby put you on a ride gonna drive me
you crazy looking at your eyes I mine get sazy reminds me of roses and
daises mamma met you no one else cant faze me I’m not acting so girl
don’t you play me your conversation is so engaging and get engaged
she’s a top model (3 times) lady there’s somthin about you baby your
simply amazing you send my heart raisin I see you, you see me we can
get missin like honey cause I wanna be with you get to know you and I
don’t have to touch yo body when she comes in the room everybody
starts whisperin (that's her, that's her)you know man she’s the top model
(3 times) and when you open yo mouth everybody starts listenin cause Canton Jones - Top Model -

the queen is talking every eye on you cause the queen is walkin ya top
model (12 times) walk tall my lady I’m proud of you cause you can do
whateva you wanna do failures not a option if you should try god said he
can help you and he cant lie girl take your place don’t let anybody tell you
that you cant be on top let yo haters be an indicator of the greater cape
goin baby girl don’t you stop every virtues girl you must know your word
by the way you ahh move I see that you other know I promise to love you
like Christ love the church cause you have put an end to my top model
search (9 times ) she’s a top model to me she’s the top model (3 times)
top top wanna be on the top (15 times)

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