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CeCe Winans - Purified lyrics

Purified -

Summer breeze

Vs 1
Life is a winding road that never ends
Oh full of ups and downs and turns
Too many cloudy days and sleepless nights
There's gotta be an answer to this pain inside
So now searching for a hero
Someone who can help me through this rain
And though I've tried I can't erase the shame
Only You can make it happen
I pray that You will make it happen

Purified, I want to be purified
I want to be fresh like the rushing water
in the presence of the father CeCe Winans - Purified - http://motolyrics.com/cece-winans/purified-lyrics.html
purified, I want to be pure inside
I want to be fresh like the summer breeze
It's what I wanna be

yeah, through the living waters I will run
where I'll find a better place
Oh, I'm longing for a perfect heart
I need for you to make it happen
Only You can make it happen


So here me cry as I pour out my heart
telling you how I feel
You know where it is so I'm asking you to heal me


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