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Cesaria Evora - Ausencia lyrics

Si asa um tivesse
Pa voa na esse distancia
Si um gazela um fosse
Pa corre sem nem um cansera

Anton ja na bo seio
Um tava ba manche
E nunca mas ausencia
Ta ser nos lema

Ma so na pensamento
Um ta viaja sem medo
Nha liberdade um te'l
E so na nha sonho

Na nha sonho mieforte
Um tem bo protecao
Um te so bo carinho
E bo sorriso

Ai solidao to'me
Sima sol sozim na ceu
So ta brilha ma ta cega
Na se clarao
Sem sabe pa onde lumia
Pa onde bai
Ai solidao e un sina...

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If I had wings
To fly this distance
If I was a gazela
To run without getting tired

So in your arms
I would be
And never again absence
Would be our motto

But only in thoughts
I travel without fear
I have only freedom
On my own dreams

In my strongest dreams
I have your protection
I have your careing
And your smile

Oh loneliness
Up there the sun alone in the sky
It is bright but blind
In it's light
Without knowing where to give light
Where to go
Loneliness is sina

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