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Cockney Rejects - We Can Do Anything lyrics

So they say that we're on the way out
They say it's all just hype
Just take a look of fear in their eyes
Cause it's the in thing to abuse us
Behind our backs of course
They shroud the truth
With their own brand of lies
But we don't care what they say
We will never be put away
Cause we're all having the time of our lives

Cause we're gonna do just anything
We're gonna sing what we wanna sing
and we'll wade through anything that you sayCockney Rejects - We Can Do Anything -
We're all having too much fun
We can't stop we've only just begun

We're gonna carry on for another day

Now you keep giving us verbal
When we're not around
When we're there you don't utter a sound
You'd better stop it
You ain't getting nowhere
and it's too easy to smash
You right into the ground
Right into the ground

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