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  • Carl Fisher
  • Christopher Howe
  • Nigel Miller
  • Neil Mclennan
  • Punk
  • bombtrack
  • street punk
  • uk82
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Blitz - Time Bomb lyrics

You think that time is on your side
But now you've nowhere left to hide
The past is catching up with you
And now there's nothing you can do with

This time bomb
Seconds to last with this
Time bomb
You'll rock from the blast of this
Time bomb

The scene is set, the time is rightBlitz - Time Bomb -
You are playing with dynamite
In the end you're bound to lose
Because you refuse to defuse


You make me a promise and waste my life
You try to make friends with a knife
You left me for dead and called me a liar
You'll get burned from the fire of


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