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  • Carl Fisher
  • Christopher Howe
  • Nigel Miller
  • Neil Mclennan
  • uk 82
  • zajebisty oi
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Blitz - Scream lyrics

I've got this burning in my ears
That cracks me up and puts on years
So turn it down your mouths too loud
You and your stupid fucking crowd

Scream and shout until you die
No one ever asks you why
Scream and shout until you die
No one ever heard your cry
Blitz - Scream -
You crack me up with your noise
You and your little bully boys
Screaming backs the only thing to do
Look, you got me at it too

So now we're deaf to all the others
Turn it up we are noise lovers
It's so loud we have no choice
And no one heard the little voice

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