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  • Carl Fisher
  • Christopher Howe
  • Nigel Miller
  • Neil Mclennan
  • Punk
  • crust punk
  • punk rock
  • street punk
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Blitz - We Are The Boys lyrics

We are the boys who can turn on the heat
We are the boys and you're under our feet
We've got nothing but the clothes that we wear
We've got that attitude - And we don't care

Hey! we are the boys
And we make the noise
We call the shots
'Cos hey! we are the boys

We are the boys of another classBlitz - We Are The Boys -
We drink the beer while you hold the glass
We take what we can and what we can use
We are the boys and we've got nothing to loose


We are the boys, we like bending the rules
We are the boys and you are the fools
You don't have to pose to mean what you feel
We are the boys and we mean it for real


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