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  • Guy Rupert Berryman
  • Jonathan Mark Buckland
  • William Champion
  • Christopher Anthony John Martin
  • alternative
  • alternative rock
  • british
  • britpop
  • coldplay
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Coldplay - For You lyrics

If you're lost and feel alone,
Circumnavigate the globe,
All you ever have to hope
For too.

And the way you seem to flow
Circumnavigating home,
and I seem to lose control,
With you.

Everyone of us is hurt,
Everyone of us is scarred,Coldplay - For You -

Everyone of us is scared.
Not you.
With your eyes closed,
Your head hangs,
Your eyes felt stone.

Everyone of us is scared,
Everyone of us is hurt,
Everyone of us has hope,
For you. (x9)

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