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  • Michael L Bohannon
  • bubbles
  • gospel
  • male group
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Commissioned - More Than I lyrics

If I could take away your sorrow
I would cast it to the wind
If I could say it's okay
You would never cry again
If I could wave my hand, I'd take away your fears
You would never have to worry, as long as I am near
If I could take my brush,
I would paint a perfect day
If I could muster all my creativity
I would say the perfect phrase
The words that I would say, will only go so far
They're just ordinary words from an ordinary heart
Just an ordinary love from an ordinary guy
But I know someone who's greater,
I know someone whoCommissioned - More Than I -
loves you more than I
If I had my way I would ride through the night
Like a prince in shining armor,
I would love to save the fight
And I would love to be your hero,
who would never ever fall
I would be the one to rescue you,
I would be the one you'd call
But there is One who is much more than I can be
And if you'd put your faith in Him, you would have security
I know someone who loves you more than I
He loves you more than I
He loves you more than I
Commissioned More Than I

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