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Commissioned - Unworthy lyrics

I'm so unworthy Lord
You gave me life and life more abundantly
Filled me with song,
Gave me strength to go on
How unworthy Lord I am


You bring laughter in sorrow,
Hope for tomorrow
My peace in the midst of my storm
You're my doctor in sickness
And I'm gonna be Your witness
Show me Your will from wrong
You're like the potter with clay,Commissioned - Unworthy -
Please mold me I pray
I want to be used as Your own

Filled me with song, gave me strength to go on
How unworthy Lord I am

I've been made worthy Lord,
Since You put Your hands on me
I've been made worthy Lord,
Your love has set me free

I lift my hands to You
For You've been so kind and true
All the praises, it belongs to You
Oh my Lord, yes it does

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