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  • Francesco Bontempi
  • Robert Vincent Manley
  • Paul Phillip Witts
  • Antonia Bottari
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Corona - Baby, Baby lyrics

Baby baby, Why can't we just, stay [together?-forever?], Yeah yeah yeah [χ2]

I wanna roll, inside your soul, To know the things that you need and feel
Every time, that you're by my side, I can't get serious, because you got me

Cold, chill down my spine, No no more tears, [show-give] me a smile [χ2]

Baby baby, .....

Deep inside, I know you need it, Just let it out and get it on, you gotta feel itCorona - Baby, Baby -
Every time, that you're by my side, Just think it over, I'll make you glad

Cold chill .....

Baby baby, .....

[Baby baby χ3], [baby χ5]

Baby baby, .....

Baby baby

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