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Dark Age
  • death metal
  • melodic death metal
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Dark Age - Dark Age lyrics

Smile at me -

you were the one who taught me to see

Deep inside I knew I was right -

A world like this we should fight

Remember me -

Life is pain within your sanity

Your world will fall forever

and drown in darkness forever...

Rock with me -

let us dream beyond reality

Discover the dark, discover the night,

feel the atmosphere and refuse the light

Die for me!

Your weakness will feed falsity...

True hearts, which burn forever,
Dark Age - Dark Age - http://motolyrics.com/dark-age/dark-age-lyrics.html
are lights in darkness forever...

Dry my tears, my blood, my wounds

Heal my soul, my life, my pain

Is this your answer to those of the light?

Or a tribute for disbelief to those of the night...

I could be a sun, which should light us the way

I could be a god, who should leave us today

But deep inside we all know this rage

Good bye, I have left you,

I am the Dark Age...

Dry my tears, my blood, my wounds

Heal my soul, my life, my pain

Discover the dark, discover the night

Enlighten the game of life

Behold the powers of the Dark Age!

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