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  • melodic death metal
  • power metal
  • progressive metal
  • swedish
  • symphonic metal
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Skyfire - The Universe Unveils lyrics

[Music: Hanner/Edlund; Lyrics: Bjork]

Fragments of the ancient wisdom
Inside of what you thought was real
An illusion mastered by the gods
The grandeur of the lie. Will the truth ever be revealed?
Beyond your own restricted imagination,
Lies answers of questions you never believed existed
As we're walking through the night
Unaware of our own created existence
Eternal is our final destiny
Illusions fading in my mind
Embrace the force of the unknown
Sink down in silent slumber
A rapturous feeling finds its way to your tainted heartSkyfire - The Universe Unveils -
And feel the power of the absent mighty knowledge
Obsessed by the quest to find the way
Arise from silent slumber
And realise our presence here is without a reason
And feel the power of the lost majestic wisdom

The universe unveils
Your life will be divine
All heavenly will turn pale,
As the universe unveils
Souls will unite
And your life will be divine
All heavenly will turn pale

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