The Dance Of Eternal Shadows Lyrics

The Dance Of Eternal Shadows video

  • Ted Arvid Skjellum
  • Leif Gylve Nagell
  • Metal
  • black metal
  • norway
  • norwegian black metal
  • true norwegian black metal
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Darkthrone - The Dance Of Eternal Shadows lyrics

I must embrace visual hell
To satisfy us
Rape the whores in blasphemy
I am man while I feast upon your flesh

Glance in my eyes
and see the eternal shadows dancing
Playing in the desert of my life
Burning -
And my soul is descending...

Leader of all - face the apocalyps
You fools deep under the black rain
Darkthrone - The Dance Of Eternal Shadows - http://motolyrics.com/darkthrone/the-dance-of-eternal-shadows-lyrics.html
And nothing remains

Flowers to step on, flowers to burn

Am I ready for the god below
Red flesh to penetrate my skin
To send my soul away
To the grave I work
Until I'm feeling weak...

But there's fire
In my heart, in my eyes
In his body, in his eyes
And in his lonely kingdom

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