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Darrell Evans - Freedom lyrics

She left, out of Leeville
When she was seventeen
Get her down to South Texas
In a broken down machine

With all she had
Left her momma cryin'
An' her daddy mad

When she wore her hair up
She could pass for twenty-one
Her brown eyes an' red lipstick
She could sure leave a man undone

She wouldn't be back
She'd leave 'em all reelin'
In the aftermath

Singin', freedom is a wish
She'll fool the stars on the radio
Tires squealin' with St.ChristopherDarrell Evans - Freedom - http://motolyrics.com/darrell-evans/freedom-lyrics.html
Barely hangin' on

She was down at the offshore lounge
Singin' in the bar
She sang 'Patsy Cline' like you never heard
Filled up her mason jar

With just enough cash
Take herself a little further
On down the map, yeah

Singin', freedom is a wish
She'll fool the stars an' the radio
Tires squealin' with St.Christopher
Barely hangin' on

Another heart, another time
Another town, she'll leave behind

Singin' freedom
Singin' freedom

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