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David Guetta - Famou$ lyrics

[3 minute beat break][verse 1] I. Can't believe it I am so famous right now
everybody in the whole world knows my name yeah hey I'm famous I'm famous
no famous famous yeah yeah yeah no on has been this famous before no no
[verse 2] famous 10x I know that girls are fighting for me because I'm
famous yes 3x and no on has been this famous before no no no [verse 3] I amDavid Guetta - Famou$ - http://motolyrics.com/david-guetta/famous-lyrics.html
famous and nobodyhas been this famous before no no no yeah! Rock on in the
club and we never stop because I'm famous because I'm famous yeah [verse 4]
let's party like no one's ever partied before uh huh yeah so let's make it
last and never end fast uh huh huh [outro] yeah I'm famous

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