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Dhani - Cross My Heart lyrics

Hold me close baby - Hold me tight
I have something to say tonight
Hear me out baby - Hear me through
It´s only words but the words are true

You are
My sun up in the sky
My shoulder when I cry
My candle in the night

You are
My laughter in the rain
My shelter from the pain
My angel in disguise

Cross my heart - There´s nothing that can make us part
I´m by your side

Give my word - That no-one in this whole wide worldDhani - Cross My Heart - http://motolyrics.com/dhani/cross-my-heart-lyrics.html
Can change what I´m feeling - I´m high on believing in love

I´ll make a promise - I´ll make a vow
I´ll swear my love to you here and now
Heart to heart baby - Eye to eye
You and me 'til the day we die

Cause I - will never hurt your pride
never leave your side
never let you down
Promise you that I - will catch you when you fall
hear you when you call
always be around

Come whatever and - Come what may
Everything´s gonna be OK
All the way baby - All the time
All we need is your lips and mine

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