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Drake - Joker Prod. By Kanye West lyrics

Now call me the joker
more like casanova, over
cause when i'm on the mic dude it's over
they say i'm off the chain
i'm more like of the meatier, the leader
i get these girls wet like aquafina
now stop, forget all the lies and the rumors
haters mad cause i'm on there mind like a tumor, for real
i stay on that 808 like kanya
game is like BK, cause i did it my way
fast like lightning,
flows exciting,
stay on my cake like icing, bite me,
i might be the best musician that ever done it,
i run it like insain bone i'm cold like i been buried in the snow with my
damn shirt on done killing these fools DJ cut the words off
ok my flows to sick,
somebody call a doctor
make real music and these others are imposters
life is like a movie dude i should win an oscar
got these rappers crying got 'em dreading like a roster
rap game master I will never fail cause this game is like school
my ryhmes are show and tell
these other rappers mute cause they ain't saying nothin
i'm superbad, get more action then Mc Lovin
try to start somthing y'all can never catch me i'm a hit up in the waist
till you peak in every class
get back when i rap fast cause you a backlash from the get past of a Drake - Joker Prod. By Kanye West - http://motolyrics.com/drake/joker-prod-by-kanye-west-lyrics.html
get last like an outcast of my own class and i'm so fast, so fast i'm on
top of my game that it make me mash
oh man, whos that,
best in the game with the (CLOTHE AND THE BAT)
i took a break but now i'm back
spit hot volume (SINCE HE'S BACK)
yall never never never know
what the hell is going on
tell me who got better flow
i'm saynging it i'll never goal.

Alright the girls all screaming like when obama was elected
if girls are a diseas then i must be i'm infected,
affected never been rejected,
girls say you got flaws but i am perfected
ryhmes never stop it rappers want to top it
styles so clean JayZ want to jock me
what does it take for these rappers not to hate
been stuck to the game like i'm made of scotch tape
i don't mean to get you mad,
i'm just trying to state the truth
i'm attacking all of you, like i'm working for the ****
i don't mean to hurt you dude but i'm your boss now
all you haters stay back, cause it bin to go down
man i'm about to ride it anybody know me
i stay high off this game, i'm about to OD
now call me a joker but it aint no joke man try to battle me,
and we'll see how it goes.

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