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Dwele - Subject lyrics

Like a song from one to another
I feel so right inside when an idea
Comes to me about you
And I know that you feel
The same when you hear my song for you
Like a song to another
My love is designed uniquely for you
Each word you hear is from my heart
And that's why you feel this the way you do (I need you)

All I ever needed was a subject [x8]

I saw lust when I looked in your eyes
Girl you know you wrongDwele - Subject - http://motolyrics.com/dwele/subject-lyrics.html
You know this is supposed to be a love song
But at any rate things change
I must adapt and keep pace
So there's another side to you behnid that sweet face
It's all love though (it's all lust though)
Your belly button, abs, your thighs, you legs, your a**...
Your innocence, your sweetness, your afrodisiality
Your intimate eyes
I studied your curves twofold
Like an artist to subject I hold
A creation derived from you
You're welcome my lady, thank you

[Chorus: til' end]

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