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  • Anthony Rochester
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Everton Blender - Coming Harder lyrics

Coming harder ain't looking back
Feeling stronger ready to launch the attack
Do you remember when we were the cream of the crop
They stole our bible and the carbon we got

Verse 1
They took us away from Africa
With an intention to kill our culture
But through the power of the most high
Our mental capacity get wider

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
This is the time to live as one
Help your brotherman from out of the slumEverton Blender - Coming Harder - http://motolyrics.com/everton-blender/coming-harder-lyrics.html
It's no crime
If blood haffe run
To liberate yourself you have to eliminate some

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Emancipate your mind from slavery
I know one day Jah will set us free
Some have been brainwashed got tricked easily
Forget all their friends and their family

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Verse 1 & Verse 3
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Verse 2
Repeat Chorus

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