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Exodus - Culling The Herd lyrics

They're everywhere and everyplace
scum of the human race
stickin to my skin like a rash
society's their scapegoat
but i am the antidote
and it's time to take out the trash

The world's a big cesspit
of puke and piss and dogshit
but i ain't gonna be its whore
follow and i'll lead the way
predators are now the prey
results like these are hard to ignore

You may think i'm insane
or maybe just a little absurd
what you don't understand is
i'm just culling, i'm just culling the herd
I know I'm not the only one
who thinks that something must be done
to clean the garbage up off the street
dare to look me in the eye
i bring the truth, i never lie
to me, they're just another piece of meat

The punishment will be swift and sure
for this disease, i am the cure
no problem, the doctor is in
my prescription for a better life's
a riffle or a razor knifeExodus - Culling The Herd - http://motolyrics.com/exodus/culling-the-herd-lyrics.html
remove whoever's under your skin

But please, don't call it a murder
cause murder's such a dirty word
what you don't understand is
i'm just culling, i'm just culling the herd

1st solo R. Hunolt

2nd solo G. Holt

When will everyone realize
some people should be sterilized
their tubes are only fit to be tied
all they do is shit and breed
to ignorant to ever succeed
stupidity should not be multiplied
lend them not a helping hand
or the future will be damned
the world will take a turn for the worse
the human race should be purified
or we'll all be mongrelized
implement the cure for the curse

You may think I'm a madman
or maybe just a little disturbed
what you don't understand is
I'm just culling, i'm just culling the herd

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