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  • Dave Mustaine
  • Metal
  • heavy metal
  • megadeth
  • speed metal
  • thrash metal
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Megadeth - Poison Was The Cure lyrics

Music & Lyrics - Mustaine

I miss the warm embrace I felt
First time you touched me
Secure and safe in open arms
I should have known you'd crush me

A snake you were when we met
I loved you anyway
Pulling out your poisoned fangs
Venom never goes away

Serpent swims free in my blood
Dragons sleeping in my veins
Jackal speaking with tongue
Roach egg-laying in my brain
Megadeth - Poison Was The Cure -
Stalked beneath your shadow
Sleepwalking to the gallows
I'm the sun that beats your brow in
Till I finally threw the towel in

Never knowing if I'd wake up in a
Whirlpool got redundant
My brain was just some driftwood
In a cesspool I became dead
From a rock star to a desk fool
Was my destiny someone said
Life's a tidepool
Taste the waters life's abundant
Taste me
Solo - Mustaine
Solo - Friedman

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