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  • Dave Mustaine
  • Metal
  • heavy metal
  • megadeth
  • speed metal
  • thrash metal
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Megadeth - Take No Prisoners lyrics

Got one chance, infiltrate them
Get it right, terminate them
Panzers will, permeate them
Break their pride, denigrate them
And their people, retrograde them
Typhus, deteriate them
Epidemic, devastate them
Take no prisoners, cremate them, burn

Going to war, give 'em hell
D-day, next stop Normandie
Beginning of the end
We know how to and sure shit we'll win
War is peace, sure man
A retreat for the damned
A playground for the demented
A haven for those who walk this world
Bereft of heart and soul

Love and war they say all is fairMegadeth - Take No Prisoners -
Take his life won't take his hair
Your body has parts, your country's past
By the way son here's your wheelchair

He once had to be all he could be
Now he's nothing for no one, nowhere to see
Funny thing, he's like you and me
It's a funny thing, funny thing
Tears streak his solemn stare
Abandoned for wreckage nobody cares
No one knew what would happen there
No one spoke no one even dared

Don't ask what you can do for your country
Ask what your country can do for you

Take no prisoners, take no shit
Take no prisoners, take no shit
Take no prisoners, take no shit
Take no prisoners, take no, shit

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