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  • Dave Mustaine
  • Metal
  • heavy metal
  • megadeth
  • speed metal
  • thrash metal
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Megadeth - Five Magics lyrics

Music & Lyrics - Mustaine

Solo - Mustaine
Bestow upon me magic
Wizard, all knowing, all wise
Solo - Friedman

I want to rule my kingdom
Make sweet the breeze that was defiled
Solo - Friedman

Dethrone the evil prince's iron fists
In velvet gloves of sin
Solo - Friedman

Parade the gray robed monks
The vestal virgins, wheel the wyverns in
Solo - Friedman

Solo - FriedmanMegadeth - Five Magics -
Let the ceremony consecrate the marriage
Let me bethe protégé of five magics

Give me alchemy, give me sorcery
Give me wizardry, thermatology
Electricity, master all of these
Magic if you please, bring him to his knees

I master five magics, I master five magics
I master five magics, I master five magics

Possessed with hellish torment, possessed with hellish torment
I master magics five, I master magics five
Hunting the abyss lord, hunting the abyss lord
Only one will stay alive, only one will stay alive
He who lives by the sword, he who lives by the sword
Will surely also die, will surely also die
He who lives in sin, he who lives in sin
Will surely live the live
Solo - Mustaine

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