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Exploited - Daily News lyrics

mother england dressed in her dress

tell your kids

what a bloody mess

come politicians

buttons on their breast

new at ten

go with labour


daily news daily news we gotta find out

daily news daily news wanna buy

maggie thatcher prices on her dress

just can't escape from

and election vest

he's got a chance

so he had to point a gun

he had a bit of pressure

you wouldn't get no parole


i never touch the star
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thats for others,the star

i know maggie thatchers in her dress

telling the civilians

what a fucking mess

one disaster

he did it for free

they're just a bunch of arseholes

they're all a sham


records in my house

going up in smoke

records are destroyed

what a fucking joke

records end up

mucking up your life

russian soldiers, thekgb


still 12 deaths

extra extra read all about it

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