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Exploited - Don't Really Care lyrics

A pittance for you to pay

Altering dole figures for their own means

While we slave away

They don't really care

If we speak out

We're anti uk

We're commies - lefties

Be locked away

Speak out in school

Get your knuckles rapped

Speak out in society

Your telephone tappedExploited - Don't Really Care - http://motolyrics.com/exploited/dont-really-care-lyrics.html

They don't really care

Play along with the tory games

Happy as could be

Confused about who to vote for

Invest the s.d.p

They don't really care

Government say they have no money

But bye missiles by the score

Sick people die poor people starve

The government just don't care

Exploited Don't Really Care

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