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Faydee - Fallin lyrics

I think that I am falling in love

Damn I have never seen a girl like this before
From my .. drop down so fast it hit the floor
Damn I am not the guy to fall so easily
But that girl ...the best of me
I am about to lose control


In every way
I mesmerize from the way she looks at me
This sister ..
I can't help myself
So what I am waiting for
She'll be my fire
I'm burning off
I can get enough
I am falling falling
One desire
I am going crazy
Emotion baby
Falling falling
In love
If you happen to see my heart drop
Go ahead go ahead pick it up
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Pick it up (repeats)

Damn you are the type to change my life around
Cause you got my heart pumping so fast
So fast that it hit the ground
Damn I saw that body and you got me going crazy
My heart is speeding heavy
Baby what have you done?


Girl like this could be the best addiction
No other girls can mess with perfection
Listen i can get you next to ...
Is something .. when you're living in the best position
I got everything that your ex is missing
.. you are my next addiction
You can roll in a Lexus in an expedition
.. we can sell this thing in a freak show
.. shorty will be kissing my ...my heart pumping by the way that she goes
I tell her the truth she don't need a liar
She already learnt that she needs a rider
The way that she turns I'm gonna be beside her
She got me burning she don't need to lie


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