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Ganggajang - Let It Go lyrics


What would happen if your heart stopped working?

What would happen if you couldn't see the sun?

Would you even be concerned about the

strange ways of love?

Would it matter if the world stopped turning?

Could it happen - that the seas will rise?

Could it be that we all end up living

in a frozen world?

So when you can't explain, when you can't endure, tell me,

Does it really matter anymore?

Just let it go.

Would it matter

if you couldn't feel the heat of a fire?

That you didn't have the sense to inquire,

That everything turned out to be wrong?Ganggajang - Let It Go -

Just imagine if you heard no noise

Would it matter if you had no toys?

Does it matter that the road less traveled

can be too long?

Things are always changing, though it don't seem right

But even in the darkness you can see a light

Let it go.

Life is just a drop of time,

in an endless sea

Let go of the wreckage,

And you can float free

Let it go.

Let it go

Let it go

Letit go

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