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Gary Chapman - Floodgates Of Love lyrics

By Gary Chapman and Michael Omartian
It's a tombstone town
That we're living in
Can you believe
How dry it's been
We need relief
But we ain't got it yet
It's been too long
Since we got wet
There was a heavy rain
A good while back
Out on the edge of town
Let's go find the water
Soon as the sun goes down
Let's open up
The floodgates of love
Kick up our feet
And roll in the stuff
Let's soak it in
Get more than enough
Let's open upGary Chapman - Floodgates Of Love -
The floodgates of love
We used to swim
Most everyday
It took a lot
To wash the dirt away
How we forgot
The water was there
I just don't know
And don't really care
See it down matter
How dry we are
Long as we comprehend
The water's waiting
Let's jump on in
There ain't no kind of desert
We can't cross
Long as we don't stray far
From the floodgates of
From the floodgates of love

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