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Googoosh - Nafas lyrics

Please translate this song for me! I am dying to know the lyrics in English age hata beyne ma, fasele yek nafase, nafase mano begir
baraye yeki shodan age marge man base nafase mano begir
ey to ham sakhfe aziz ey to ham geryeye man, gerye ham fasele bood,
geryeye akhare ma, akhare baziye eshgh khatme in ghafele boodGoogoosh - Nafas -
hatse gor gereftanet dar tanoore har nafas
gham na ama kam ke nist, hamshabe tazeye to parkeshe This is as much as I could get! I would appreciate the entire song if possible
Thank you
Dalia Submitter's comments:  Thank you

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