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HeyHiHello! - Leap Before You Look! lyrics

Fifty years from now, when the government controls our minds
Will I still dream about home under the Vanilla Skies
Well, I could call up an architect
And she could construct for me, I bet
A novel scheme as I close my eyes at night

[To pretend that we are not alone]

I can see the aeroport past the trees in my backyard
And we can watch all the aeroplanes take off from my street after dark
We?ll wonder about the places they?ll goHeyHiHello! - Leap Before You Look! - http://motolyrics.com/heyhihello/leap-before-you-look-lyrics.html
Away from the clouds and frozen snow
But wherever they land, they?ll already know

[That it?s not like home!]

There?s trouble in my city, and every Tennessee town
Is wondering, my darling- if you will ever come around
And if you are uncertain of what your future will hold
Well, I know so well, without a doubt- Jesus knows

[and it helps to know we?re not alone]

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