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Ian Tyson - Adelita Rose lyrics

Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
You know she is my sunshine wherever she goes
Lie-lie-lie lay-lay-lay
Lie-lie-lie lay-lay-lay
She is my sunshine wherever she goes.

Adelita Rose stay in your own little bed tonight
For the sake of your Momma and me.
We gotta get some sleep
Tomorrow's gonna come early.

We don't wanna hear any sound at all Ian Tyson - Adelita Rose - http://motolyrics.com/ian-tyson/adelita-rose-lyrics.html
Don't wanna hear little feet coming down the hall
Got to sleep, dream of all the pretty little horses.
The blacks and bays and the dapples and grays,
The red tail hawk on the summer days
The gravel road winding down to the river

And watch that pony or goodness knows
He's gonna step on your baby toes
Go to sleep, dream of those
Pretty little horses.


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