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Ian Tyson - The Steeldust Line lyrics

Left early Tuesday morning
Hit the border just at ten.
The vet said "Where you headed, son?"
I said "Vegas, sir" and then
We hooked her through Montana
Good time, the roads were bare
By nightfall we'er in Dillon
Ten below, she's cold down there.

Fed the partners in the morning
Weavin' Nevada bound
Off that steep Monida Pass,
Ford runnin' like a hound.
'Cross them foggy flatlands
Of southern Idaho
Turned south into the sagebrush hills
And the cowtown of Elko.

Carryin' the blood of the Steel Dust line
Carryin' the blood of the Steel Dust line
Lookin' for the silver
Lookin' for the gold
Lookin' for the big payday
I know my silent partners stand
Behind me all the way.

Big Jones he had fresh cattle
And a nice dry building too
So we went to cuttin' cattle
And in four days time we knew
That the partners were as ready
As they were a-gonna be
So we left in a blizzard on Monday mornin'
And all that I could see

Was the tail-lights of a trucker
Drivin' into the blizzard's jaw Ian Tyson - The Steeldust Line - http://motolyrics.com/ian-tyson/the-steeldust-line-lyrics.html
That trucker never winkin'
All the way to Tonapah
We dropped down on the desert
Left that storm behind
Four more hours we're in Vegas
Traffic and freeway signs


Well I found the Tropicana
Then I found my draw
The whole damn Doc Bar dynasty
Was a-posted on the wall
With Gun Smokes and Quixotes
And Colonel Freckles too
There were little Peppy's,
Mr San Peppy's, a cuttin' horse who's who

Put the swift boots on my partner
Pulled my latigo up tight
Rode into that herd and cut
My first cow out just right
I drove out through the middle
And I turned my partner free
Ed and Lindy were in the corner
Takin' care of me.

And when the buzzer sounded
I got my partner shown
Picked up my check from my 217
Headed north back home.
But look for me next winter
'Cause I'll be back for sure
'Cause I'm a carrier of the cuttin' desease
For which there is no cure.


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