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Ian Tyson - Milk River Ridge lyrics

On a day like today in December a few years ago
Sun goin' down and blue shadows run long on the snow,
Thirty below.
At the far southern tip of the Milk River ridge
There's a cow camp along ...
Late in the fall Darrell McCall
Took Theresa Saliski to live there.

On the Milk River ridge, the Northern lights dancing above
Therea and Darrell grew close as a hand in a glove,
They fell in love.
Darrel was ridin' the rough string for money
For Theresa's in the family way now
And the road drifted in but they didn't worry
The Chinook be along any day now.

On the Milk River ridge all the hills were a ghostly snow white
Twenty-six below, the Chinook was no where in sight,
Later that night
Theresa broke early and her labor began Ian Tyson - Milk River Ridge - http://motolyrics.com/ian-tyson/milk-river-ridge-lyrics.html
And soon there was the devil to pay
And Darrel said, "Darlin' hold on girl, I love you.
I'm makin' a run for the highway."

With fear in his heart Darrel figgered there was one thing to do
A big bronc named Stormy the only one who could maybe get through,
Just maybe get through.
Old Stormy just snorted and he hit that long trot
And, man, how that pony did deliver
Three hours later just as it got light
The two trotted into Milk River.

Out of the west the same mornin' came a big Chinook wind
Water was runnin' off the rooftops by a quarter to ten,
The ways its always been
Back in the cow camp the baby was born
Just before the chopper came down
A sweet baby girl and they named her Stormy
For the big bronc carried daddy to town.

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