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Ian Tyson - Smugglers Cove lyrics

Last night, I dreamed of Smuggler's Cove,
The seabirds all were a-wheelin'
Down on the riptide past Discovery Isle,
Where killer whales come stealin',
Where killer whales come stealin'.

Father took me by the hand
Down through the rocks and the driftwood,
And pirate gold from the five and dime
He caused me to discover,
All in a morning's wonder.

And tonight I will fly
To the top of the world Ian Tyson - Smugglers Cove - http://motolyrics.com/ian-tyson/smugglers-cove-lyrics.html
The ancient winds will guide me
Down the old dims trails
Past the buffalo range
Little wolves beside me,
Little wolves beside me.

And now I see the pony herds,
At the fires of the whiskey traders
And the golden dust hangs in the air,
With the screams of the blackfoot raiders
Screams of the blackfoot raiders.

Last night I dreamed of Smugglers' Cove...

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