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Jack Johnson - Symbol In My Driveway lyrics

I've got a hundred million dollar friends

I've got you a brand new weapon

Let's see how destructive we can be

Got a brand new set of stencils

I been connecting all the dots

Got my plans in a zip-lock bag

Let's see how unproductive we can be

I've got a light bulb full of anger

And I can switch it on and off

Situations that can be so bright

I can't believe

How pathetic we can be

I've got a perfect set of blueprints

I'm gonna build somebody else

Might cost a little more than moneyJack Johnson - Symbol In My Driveway - http://motolyrics.com/jack-johnson/symbol-in-my-driveway-lyrics.html

But what's man without his wealth?

Got a phosphorescent secret

But don't you tell nobody else

Next thing you know

The whole world will be talkin

About all the blues they got

They just ain't no use because





[Jack:] I had a mosquito on my nose

[Little Girl:] Why does a guitar have strings?

Jack Johnson Symbol In My Driveway

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