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Jack Johnson - Taylor lyrics

[Ben Stiller talking:]
Okay, well hang on a second.
No, I think I'm lost.
I'm in Hawaii.
Yeah, no, I'm shooting that Jack Johnson video.
Jack Johnson...
Hold on a second there's something beeping.
Didn't we say we were supposed to get an SUV?
Like a luxury SUV?
Okay, cause this is not a luxury...
This is like a gardeners' truck or something.
Whoa! Ohh! Hang on a second... I... wait a minute, I got to go.

[Ben Stiller:] Hey! What did I hit?
[Jack Johnson:] How's it goin' man? Uh, you got the chicken there.
[Ben Stiller:] Ohh shit! I am sorry, I just was... I was on the phone. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
[Jack Johnson:] There's alot of them around here.
[Ben Stiller:] Yeah... of course. By the way I'm Ben. Hi. How's it goin' man?
[Jack Johnson:] Hey, hello I'm Jack.
[Ben Stiller:] I'm so excited about doin' the video. Yeah, let's go do it.
[Jack Johnson:] Do you like to dance?
[Ben Stiller:] A little I can move a little.
[Jack Johnson:] Yeah?
[Ben Stiller:] Yeah.

[Music Begins:]

[Ben Stiller singing:]
They say Taylor was a good girl
Never one to be late
Complain express ideas in her brain.
Workin' on the night shift,
Passin' out the tickets
Your gonna have to pay her if you want to park here.
Well mommy's little dancer's quite a little secret
Workin' on the streets now, never gonna keep it.
It's quite an imposition
& now she's only wishin'
That she would have listened
To the words they say
Poor Taylor.
She just wanders around
Unaffected by
The winter winds yeah
She'll pretend that
Well She's somewhere else
So far & clear
About 2,000 miles
From here.

[Music Stops:]

[Ben Stiller:] See what I'm sayin'? Jack, like that.
Just like you know, cause the log is great.
But I think we should get off the log & try it, come on!Jack Johnson - Taylor - http://motolyrics.com/jack-johnson/taylor-lyrics.html
Alright, so let's go from Peter Piper, okay?
[Jack Johnson:] Uh, okay.
[Ben Stiller:] & can you play back.

[Music Resumes:]

[Jack Johnson singing:] Peter Patrick pitter patters on...

[Music Stops:]

[Ben Stiller:] Okay cut, cut sorry. I just had an idea. That part Peter Piper "Peter Piper picks..." what is it?
[Jack Johnson:] Peter Patrick pitter patters.
[Ben Stiller:] Peter Patrick pitter patters? Yeah I love that. That would be great if you can do like you know, like actually be pitter pattering at the window? You know what I mean? Like become... He's the character in the song so it's motivated. You know what I mean? Like have fun with it.
[Jack Johnson:] Oh, yeah, I got you.
[Ben Stiller:] Like being the character.
[Jack Johnson:] I know what you mean.
[Ben Stiller:] Okay. Cue play back! Let's go!

[Music Resumes:]

[Jack Johnson singing:]
Peter Patrick pitter patters on the window
And Sunny's silhouette won't let him in.
Poor old Pete's got nothin' cause he's been fallin'
But Somehow Sunny knows
Just where he's been.
He thinks that singin' on Sunday's gonna save his soul
But now that Saturday's gone.
Well sometimes he thinks that he's on his way,
But I can see
That his brake lights are on.
He just wanders around
Unaffected by,
The winter winds yeah
& he'll pretend that
Well He's somewhere else
So far & clear
About 2,000 miles
From here.

Such a tough enchilada filled up with nada,
Givin' what you gotta give to get a dollar bill.
Used to be a limber chick n'
Time's a been a tickin'
Now she's finger lickin' to the man,
With the money in his pocket
Flyin' in his rocket
Only stoppin' by on his way to a better world.

If Taylor finds a better world
Taylor's gonna run away.

[Ben Stiller:] Jack!
[Both singing guitar tune:]
[Jack Johnson:] What do you think?
[Ben Stiller:] I think it's good. Like when you want enchilada & it's filled up with nada. That's the time when you can really be upset cause your hungry.

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