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Jonathan Coulton - Drive lyrics

When I drive car
I feel like sexy
My blood get hot
My head get high
I work so long
My heart get heavy
But Friday come
The week go by

I leave work early early and I go to town
I meet my girly girly when the sun go down
My heart go swirly whirly make my head spin round
The lights in the mirror the stars

I just drive
I just drive
I just drive
Jonathan Coulton - Drive -
My car so nice
So style and fancy
So softy smooth
So big and round
In curve or straight
I drive like danger
My headlight off
My window down

My girl say crazy crazy why you drive so fast?
I steer like lazy lazy like I built to last
The road go hazy mazey make the tree go past
Forever and ever we go

I just drive
I just drive
I just drive

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