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Jonathan Nelson - Worship Medley lyrics

Stanza 1:Here's my worship
Take joy in it
Make it your dwelling place
I wanna put a smile on your face
I present my heart to you, I present my life to you
Repeat 4x

Here's my worship smile
Here's my life no smile
Repeat 4x

Smile... I wanna make you smile3x
Jonathan Nelson - Worship Medley -
I wanna make you smile6x

Stanza 2: Better is one day in your courts
Better is one day in your house
Better is on day in your courts
Than thousands elsewhere2x

Better is one day Leader first then choir repeats 4x
Repeat Stanza 2

Oooo Let me make you Smile leader repeats 2x choir 4x

I wanna make you smile 6x

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