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Joy Williams - Serious lyrics

Do you ever get the feeling
People think you're crazy
'Cause you trust what they can't see
Do you ever get the feeling
People think you're shallow
And you will change what you believe
But I'm not here to argue
About what others think and feel
'Cause I'm not ashamed to tell anyone
What I know to be real

I'm serious about the stand I'm taking
Serious about the choice I'm making
Serious about the things that I believe
I'm serious about the talk I'm talking
what the evidence is and the walk I'm walking
Serious about love and purity
I'm serious as I can be

I'm not the first to meet with laughter Joy Williams - Serious -
And resistance from a disbelieving crowd
But I got to meet it head on
I'm just gonna keep on
Won't let it get me down
I'm not here to give up
Jesus didn't give up on me
Even when the goin' gets rough
I've promised God that I'll be Serious

Won't change my mind
Got to close the door
No time for goin' back
To what I had before
I'm so tired of playin'
all these games
'Cause the more I see
what You mean to me
The more I want to say


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