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Kierra Sheard - Have What You Want lyrics

Yo Kee it's Yo Boy Young Dru And I Want To Tell The
Peole Not To Give So Lets Hear It Talk To Em.

Were You Ever At A Point Where You Felt Like You Wasn't
Gonna Make It You Don't Have To Answer, Cause We All Had To Deal
With It, It Like Everyday You Had A Fit.
Did You Ever Have A Situation Were You Just Wanted
To Flip The Script Yeah Me Too Thing Got Crazy My People Started Acting
Crazy But It Was Actually Reality,
I Realized That It Was The Enemy He Had My People Hatin
Me, And The Crazy Thing About It I
Hadn't Even Made It To My Destiny 9you Know Where I'm
Supposed To Be) And I Was Like Wait A Minute Are You Knocking, Kierra Sheard - Have What You Want -
Then The My Brother Said To Me

Yo Imagine How It Is When You Get Where You Supposed
To Be Hatas Come Knocking At Yo Door, They See You Blessin'
Me So Don't Stress Kee, Just Keep,
Keep Pressing, Everybody Here's The Message:

Don't Let Them Get To You
You Can Have What You Want
Be What You Want.
Don't Let Them Everyget To Get To You

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