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Kierra Sheard - Wrong Things lyrics

*Wrong Things
They told me stop that lovin
They told me stop that hangin
Cuz you know right from wrong
About to be on your own
You got things to do
But you gotta stay strong
They told me to stop that playin
If you're gonna be in the #1 spot You gotta stop that hatin
It's too much to lose I gotta keep my press on
Towads the mark for you
I don't wanna be one of them ordinary chicks
A victim of a addiction and a baby on her hip
I'm trying to get better
Even though I slip
I don't wanna love wrong things
I don't wanna be another stat on a sheet
A victim of rebellion ending up on the street
I'm trying to get better, though I lose my feet
I don't wanna love them wrong things

VerseKierra Sheard - Wrong Things -
They told me you're getting older
Slower, taking over
It'll be up to you, everything you do
And the road you chose better be true
They told me, you gotta represent
Cuz what He gave me is Heaven sent
Too much to lose, I gotta keep my press on
Towards the mark for You

I can't just do what I wanna do, be who I wanna be
Say what I wanna say, If it ain't the will of God
To whom much is given much is required
That means everything I see might not be for me
I can't just go where I wanna, wear what I wanna wear
Sing what I wanna sing, if it ain't in the will of God
Create in me a clean heart and renew in me a right spirit


[music plays out]

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