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Kim Walker - I Asked You For Life lyrics

Verse 1:
I asked You for life, and You sent your son to die for me.
I asked You for hope, You came in the night and gave me a dream.
I asked You for freedom, You broke every chain and gave me the keys.
I asked You for love never-ending and every day You surround me!

And now my faith in You is a mountain that can't be shaken,
Now my strength is found in You, it is joy that can't be taken!

Chorus:Kim Walker - I Asked You For Life -
Praise spills from my lips, flowing onto the feet of You, my King.
You deserve all the love and all the honor that I can bring!

Here is my song, here is my heart, here is my love, all for You, Jesus!

Chorus 2:
Holy, Holy, only You are worthy!

(CD: V1, Pre, C1, V1, Pre, C1 x2, Bridge x4, C2 x4, C1, C2 x4)

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