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  • Bryan Michael Paul Cox
  • James Brown
  • Henry Stallings
  • Charles Fred Bobbitt
  • Taurian Adonis Shropshire
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Lloyd - Lloyd lyrics

Ooh, ah, ladies and gentlemen
You know I, I love the people
'Cuz the people love me

That's right, this Young Lloyd
And ah, this goes out to that special girl
You know who you are, sing to 'em pimpin'

Double L O Y D, I ain't gotta think I know they like me
And I ain't even gotta rock a white T
[Incomprehensible] is where you'll find me
Rolled down windows, clouds around me

I'm the type that don't even need no ID
Walk up in the club and change V.I.P.
Drinks is on me
Best believe, so are you you when you leave
Lloyd - Lloyd - http://motolyrics.com/lloyd/lloyd-lyrics.html
Girl, I ain't really try'n to game ya
But I swear that you look familiar
You can find out with these shots of this silver, ooh, no

You're sayin' that you already met me
You're not a groupie so you don't wanna sweat me
I remember you're the girl from Miami
Allow me to reintroduce my self

I be that young, fly, flashy
In a, in a slow lane I'm passing
Girl, anything that you want just ask me
Call me Lloyd, Lloyd, Lloyd

I be that young, fly, flashy
With that old school swagga with me
Girl, I need you to get real nasty with me
Call me Lloyd, Lloyd, Lloyd

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