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Lucky Dube
Lucky Dube - Victims album
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  • zimbabwe
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Lucky Dube - Lovers In A Dangerous Time lyrics

He built this wall around himself

Many years ago

To protect himself from being hurt again

But he couldn' t stop his feelings

Last night yeah

When he saw the young lady in the bar

Blonde hair, blue eyes

Waited till the band played the last song

And took her home

His mother didn' t like her

His father didn' t like her

The only thing that kept them

Going was knowing that
Lucky Dube - Lovers In A Dangerous Time -
Love would conquer all


They were lovers

In a dangerous time

They ran away to another country

'Cause they thought things would be

Better for them out there

In the month of December

They got married in Chicago

And it was all the same

Everywhere they went

Heads would turn

Chorus till fade

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