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Marsha Ambrosius - Everything's The Truth lyrics

(m. crenshaw, j. shear)

You say you caught me in a lie
You say that I'm the one who made you cry
Well if you're angry
(aw) just go on girl, and let it loose, let it loose
Be that way if you want to
Or why not do what millions do
And just say everything's the truth
Everything's the truth
If you don't believe me, go and ask aroundMarsha Ambrosius - Everything's The Truth -
Try anyone on any street in this town
Where the tension is getting so extreme
You can barely move, barely move
Let's just see if you can prove me wrong
Listen close as you move along
They're whispering everything's the truth
But you say you're not interested in this little game
That this double-talk will never make me
Any less to blame
Well, I never said reliability was my middle name
Or my claim to fame

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